City Expands Eviction Protection, Midcentury LA Hosts Fundraising Sales, and More News in Los Angeles

a leather tray

Made Solid is now selling DIY leather trays, with Zoom tutorial courses to learn how to make them.

Photo: Courtesy of Made Solid

Los Angeles is brimming with design delights and happenings. For all the goings-on around town and news you need to know, AD PRO’s weekly news roundup is here to keep you filled in.

Product Launches

Portola Paints & Glazes Introduces New Standard Second Edition Collection

Portola Paints & Glazes is making its offerings more colorful. The North Hollywood–based company, founded by brothers Jamie and Casey Davis in 1998, has released its New Standard Second Edition collection, featuring updated colors from Portola’s first New Standard Edition, plus 39 additions to Portola’s acrylic and enamel low-odor, VOC-free paints. As part of the launch, Portola will share mood board vignettes from L.A. designers Stefani Stein, Jake Alexander Arnold, and Studio Life.Style featuring the new products.

“We’re excited about the New Standard Second Edition because it’s a real reflection of who we are,” Jamie Davis tells AD PRO. “We moved away from primary colors and went back to nature with this refresh. The new colors are earthy, natural, and grounded.”

Made Solid Offers DIY Leather Tray Kit and Zoom Tutorials

Made Solid, on Fountain Avenue, has assembled a crafting tool kit and remote learning workshop for aspiring leatherworkers to make the East Hollywood boutique and workshop’s signature leather trays at home. Nontoxic materials in the DIY kit, priced at $40 each, include a square piece of vegetable tan leather, conditioning cream, cloth, burnishing gum, a sponge, and a deer antler tip. Co-owner Peter Maxwell will schedule live workshop sessions via Zoom and other online platforms for participants to acquire new skills while social distancing.


Furth Yashar & Curate Virtual Show Titled “Solo Show Is a Group Show”

AD100 designer Oliver M. Furth and consultant Sean Yashar of the Culture Creative are going virtual for the next installment of their pop-up collaborative exhibition series, Yashar Furth &. “Solo Show Is a Group Show” began March 25, as the team began to tap its network of creatives who have created new work intended to be viewed via social media over a two-week period. This unique undertaking brings together “artists and designers taking on this pandemic, serving as a platform to galvanize our creative community in the face of uncertainty,” Furth and Yashar write in the curators’ statement. Artists and designers include Tanya Aguiñiga, Simon Haas, Michael Woodcock, Chuck Moffit, Maria Moyer, Peter Shire, Chris Bogia, Alex P. White, Kelly Lamb, Alison Steingold, and Albert Kass, with many participants donating proceeds from the sale of their work to nonprofit organizations. Works can be viewed with the hashtag #SoloShowIsAGroupShow.


Midcentury LA Hosts Ongoing Fundraising Sales Online for L.A. Regional Food Bank