Fabian Tan adds barrel-vaulted concrete extension to Kuala Lumpur home

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan doors

A large concrete arch frames new living and dining spaces in this Kuala Lumpur house extension by Malaysian architect Fabian Tan.

Called Bewboc House, the project allows a typical terraced house in the suburbs to stand out from its neighbours.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan barrels-vaulted extension

The barrel-vaulted concrete extension projects out diagonally from the south corner of the otherwise L-shaped property.

Facing the street corner, its simple geometric shape creates a weighty presence, which makes it look like a separate structure.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan barrel-vaulted roof

“The approach was to imagine a form befitting a corner house,” explained Tan.

“The new form is intended to be simple but bold, contrasting with the existing fabric of tropical suburban homes.”

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan barrel-vaulted interior

The house is owned by a young family. Their brief was to create more living space, but with a minimalist approach.

Tan’s extension create a large new living room and dining space on the ground floor, with plenty of room for hosting friends.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan interior

Mezzanine platforms create two additional spaces upstairs.

A first-floor lounge, accessed via the main staircase, has an elevated view of the living spaces below. There is also an open-air terrace at the front, which can only reached via a new staircase from the master bedroom.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan doors

The whole structure is made from cast concrete, which is left exposed both inside and out.

Oversized wooden doors front the building, allowing the interior to be completely opened up to the elements.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan window

“The space appears continuous through the extension of the arch and exaggerated further through the materiality of the concrete finish from floor to ceiling,” said Tan.

“The extension is further enhanced by the two large doors that open up to the garden,” he added. “The uninterrupted perspective from inside out immediately connects the interior with nature.”

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan lounge

Windows have been carefully designed to work with the building’s vaulted geometry.

On the ground floor, sliding glass doors open up to patio and garden spaces on both sides. But on the first floor, a semi-circular window creates a visual continuity with the curve of the roof.

From certain angles, it is possible to see an S shape where the two meet.

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan barrel-vaulted balcony

“Walking through the upper levels, this continuity echoes throughout the spaces as lines of openings and arches meet,” added Tan.

“This rhythmic play of lines within a heavy structure lends to a play of light in subtle ways, reminiscent of a journey through a cave, perhaps to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Bewboc House by Fabian Tan aerial view

Tan founded his Kuala Lumpur-based studio, Fabian Tan Architect, in 2012.

He has completed several residential projects that respond directly to the tropical Malaysian climate. They include Voila House, a home with a circular living room, and Ittka House, a home where the bedrooms slide open at the corners.

Photography is by Ceavs Chua.

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