Selling your home during Covid-19 restrictions

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the government have put into place a lockdown. Many people who are in the midst of buying or selling a house may feel forced to put their plans on hold, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Whilst physically viewing properties is not an option at the minute, UK-based estate agents Chancellors have come up with some helpful advice to market a property during this unprecedented time.
Undertake A Video Tour
As a result of social distancing restrictions, house viewings are not currently available to do. A way around this may be to show your property off by filming a video tour, even if it’s homemade. Buyers will be understanding if it’s not entirely professional looking at this time, as it will still give a good feel to the property, and you can also send over photos and any other important information. Doing this may just encourage a motivated buyer to make an offer.
Keep The Property Online
If the property listing is kept online, interest lists can still be created by estate agents. This means that when restrictions are lifted, an open house can be planned by the agents in order to encourage buyers. If you are looking to buy a house, it’s also important to research as much as possible into the area so you have a clear idea of what you want when the lockdown is over. This includes researching schools, reviewing sold property prices and taking a look at local transport links and facilities such as shops and green spaces.
Buy A Key Box
When it comes to exchanging keys for your property, buying a key box can be a good idea if social distancing restrictions are still in place. This will avoid you coming into close contact with people, and keep everyone safe whilst still allowing the key to be passed over to the
Choose A Suitable Conveyancer
Research your conveyancer options before you select one. We advise you to choose a conveyancer who has a team of people to support exchange and completion and also has full working from home arrangements in place.
Investigate Remortgage Options
We also recommend you look at remortgage options that do not have redemption penalties to ensure that if you do have to wait a little longer for the perfect buyer, you are not spending more than you have to on your mortgage for those extra few weeks or months.

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