High Energy, Collaborative Culture: where success breeds success & your ideas are empowered

"No man can become rich without himself enriching others" - Andrew Carnegie

We've got a simple philosophy here at Property Central HQ. 
"Help people thrive through real estate".
That's buyers, sellers, agents and agencies.
We support and empower our staff and stakeholders.
How does this apply for our franchisees?
We give you the gift of time and the power of presence. 
You can re-claim your hours and energy spent pouring over marketing materials, coming up with sales motivation, mapping out staff performance plans and plotting your social media strategy. We give you a library of leading edge marketing materials for every step of the client life cycle, sample sales meeting agendas, business management systems and much more.
Our centralised marketing unit is constantly working on your behalf - evolving our brand assets and distributing to you the very best online and print media to help you win the business you need to thrive.
Success shared is success squared.
Once you're part of the Property Central family, you're connected to a high performing network whose results and reputation give you a solid platform from which to embark. Add to this our business coaching strategy and you've got the perfect recipe for success. 
Autheticity is key.
In our most recent consumer campaign, we've branded ourselves as "the organic real estate" - 100% natural care and concern and no genetically modified agents. This sums us up. We believe in bringing out people's best selves, lives and results. Unlike other brands, we believe in systems that don't suppress the spirit and don't rely on heavily scripted dialogue to influence outcomes. We hire fora ttitude and train for skill - and encourage our franchisees to recruit people who genuinely care about their clients best interests, the rest can be taught. 

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