Japan’s high-rise apartment market from 2020 to 2024 onwards

There are currently 103,100 apartments in 258 high-rise buildings planned for completion across Japan from 2020 onwards, however, the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide state of emergency declared in April 2020 may see some construction projects delayed as a result. This is an increase of 8,009 apartments and 27 buildings from the previous report issued by the Real Estate Economic Institute in March 2019.

177 of the buildings are located in the greater Tokyo area, with the total number of apartments accounting for 79.1% of the nationwide share. Within Tokyo’s 23 wards, there are 112 high-rises planned with a total of 54,952 apartments. Many of the apartments are centered in major urban redevelopment projects, as well as on man-made islands in Tokyo Bay.

50+ story apartment buildings planned across Japan

[1] Nishi-Shinjuku 3 Project (Tokyo) 2 x 65-story 3,200
[2] Toranomon-Azabudai District Project (Tokyo) 53, 64 and 65-story 1,400
[3] Tsukishima 3 Project (Tokyo) 59-story 1,120
[4] Kachidoki East Project (Tokyo) 29, 45 and 58-story 3,220
[5] Bashamichi Project (Yokohama) 58-story 1,174
[6] Minami Ikebukuro Project (Tokyo) 57-story 864
[7] Toyomi Project (Tokyo) 2 x 56-story 2,150
[8] Nishiazabu 3 Project (Tokyo) 55-story 550
[9] Toyomi Project (Tokyo) 54-story 2,097
[10] Toranomon Hills Residential Tower (Tokyo) 54-story 550

*High-rise refers to a building of 20 stories and above.

Source: The Real Estate Economic Institute, April 27, 2020.

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