Dream Rental: Glitz and Glamour in the heart of Sydney

When a rental is so exclusive that the address isn’t made public on realestate.com.au, you know it’s going to be upmarket and that’s exactly what this dream rental is in Millers Point.

From the exterior, you’d be fooled into thinking that this multi-level historical property in the hum of Sydney’s CBD is a series of units or workspaces. However, it’s actually a residential home that has been given a glamorous renovation.

Spanning across four levels with the addition of a rooftop, the abode is the perfect size for a family or some very cashed-up housemates.

There are four bedrooms and six bathrooms – that’s right the bathrooms outnumber the bedrooms, which means it’s fancy.

Original archways, fireplaces and lattice balconies all remain intact to add character. However, this hasn’t stopped the landlord from adding still more glamorous touches.

One of these impressive design features includes the master bedroom’s ensuite. Due to the heritage protection of the building, technically a bathroom couldn’t be built into this room. So, the landlord worked with an architect to have a completely freestanding bathroom which includes a toilet, twin shower and a bathtub.

The attic is another room where eras collide – the thatched roof tells the story of the home’s history, however, the entire room has been converted into a modern private cinema. It even has its own kitchenette so you don’t need to pause the film and run all the way downstairs to refill the popcorn bowl.

The indoor-outdoor kitchen is another wow-factor space which features gold tapware, a chandelier, a coffee machine and a wine fridge.

“The attention to detail in the home is outstanding with every room being carefully planned and beautifully presented,” says listing agent Grant Ashby of Sydney Cove Property.

The house comes completely furnished which means the new tenants will be able to enjoy the quality sofas and beds, multiple TVs, a state-of-the-art security system, push entertainment system, and all large and small decorative touches including the impressive art collection.

Another perk is that a fortnightly cleaner is included in the rental deal.

Living in this sort of space in the heart of the city means the new tenant will be paying top dollar – $3,500 per week, in fact.

Ashby also says the landlord is seeking the right tenant as this is their home which they have had to move away from temporarily, but will eventually return to.
“The owners are looking for long term tenants – ideally a corporate family looking for the convenience that the CBD has to offer,” he says.

“With homes at this level, it is important that the enquiry is qualified as the owners are patient and want the perfect tenant and not just a tenant.”

Millers Point is a top suburb for those wanting to live like a city slicker. The Rocks is just a 14-minute walk away, Sydney Harbour is equally as close and the CBD is on this rental’s doorstep.

If you’d like to apply for this rental, make sure you have your 1form completed and for more information or to organise a viewing, get in touch with Grant Ashby.