Here’s How to Mix Five Designer-Favorite Quarantine Cocktails

For many of us, libations have taken on a different look in recent months as we’ve all become our own at-home bartender. More time spent at home—what day is it, again?—has provided a welcome opportunity to get creative with multilayered cocktails or keep it simple with tried-and-true classics. We asked designers to share their favorite go-to recipe for the perfect at-home tipple—and some even divulged their cocktail’s fun origin stories.

pStephen Brockmans Martinez features a few key substitutions.p

Stephen Brockman’s Martinez features a few key substitutions.

Stephen Brockman, Deborah Berke & Partners

“Since early March, my drinking habits have changed. I was a weekend social drinker: cocktails and wine on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during dinners with friends and weekends at the beach. I didn’t drink so much during the week, with early morning sessions at the gym and long days at work. Since I have been working from home (or in my case a weekend house in Westport, Massachusetts), I have been drinking every day [except for] a recent self-imposed dry day.

My go-to cocktail was inspired by a few things: I wanted to drink some of the seldom used bottles of specialty liquors that were lurking at the back of my bar. I wanted a drink that was versatile enough to be both comforting on cooler evenings and refreshing as the weather warmed up. I wanted a drink that had a great mix of sweet and bitter. This led me to a Martinez [a drink featuring gin and vermouth], and I modified the recipe from Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book to use what I had in my bar. I make a single batch to share with my partner, Doc, and serve in vintage sherry coupes.”

Martinez (with Stephen’s substitutions):

1.5 oz Plymouth gin

1.5 oz Dolin sweet vermouth

.25 oz Luxardo Maraschino Originale

A few dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters

Combine and stir with ice; strain into a chilled coupe.

pLee Brooms goto drink is a dry gin martini.p

Lee Broom’s go-to drink is a dry gin martini.

Lee Broom

Dry Gin Martini

Tanqueray No. Ten gin

A dash of vermouth

Shake over ice, and serve with three olives.

Tommy and Kathleen Clements, Clements Design

Fresca & Tito’s

Tito’s vodka



Mix, repeat.

pMally Skoks cocktail takes its name from her lockdown location on Cape Cod.p

Mally Skok’s cocktail takes its name from her lockdown location on Cape Cod.

Mally Skok, Mally Skok Design

Cape Cod Sundowner (so named as Skok is currently living at her Cape Cod home)

“In a tall glass, add a big glug of vodka—I like Tito’s.

Follow that with a small glug of Campari.

Fill almost to the top with Spindrift, a delicious low-calorie seltzer with real fruit juice. I like the orange/mango flavor the best for this!