Philippe Malouin designs Lines rug collection for CC-Tapis to celebrate imperfection

Philippe Malouin designs Lines rug collection to celebrate imperfection

VDF products fair: designer Philippe Malouin has developed a collection of monochrome rugs for Italian brand CC-Tapis that replicates the irregularities of lines made by crayons.

Malouin created the Lines collection for the Milan-based brand using an innovative process that results in an uneven linear pattern.

For his first-ever textile rug, Malouin wanted to develop a piece that was not overly decorative but instead celebrates the imperfections inherent in the weaving process through its simple off-white and monochromatic design.

“We were interested in making a rug with characteristics that typically don’t go well together, such as tribal weaving techniques, a really simple aesthetic, and a trip-proof but very comfortable low pile,” the designer said.

The design evolved out of the idea of capturing imperfection. In particular, Malouin liked the fact that crayons deposit wax irregularly on a piece of paper and looked to replicate this effect in his rugs.

“We focus a lot on the process and trial and error,” Malouin explained. “So we’ll do one action over and over again until we have a direction we find interesting.”

“The rug’s aesthetic was dictated by repeating the action of drawing parallel lines with a crayon, which we looked to translate into a dyeing technique,” he added.

CC-Tapis art director Daniele Lora helped the studio to develop a dip-dyeing process that partly colours the bobbins of Himalayan wool used to weave the rugs.

The combination of the heavily pigmented and naturally coloured sections of yarn creates irregular lines with a tonal variety similar to the wax crayon effect.

Product: Lines
Brand: CC-Tapis
Designer: Philippe Malouin

Video: Lines by Philippe Malouin.

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