A whole new world EVOLUTION

Welcome to Property Central, where we aim to bridge the gap
between Real Estate, Web 3.0
and the Metaverse, powered
by $PROP Token.

Imagine the next evolution where you can own an asset almost instantly, reduce the paperwork, have more transparency and trust, explore new financial opportunities and with fewer third parties involved. Introducing Property Central, a project focused on making all this possible, in the real world and digital world.

We have brought together a team with a combined 50 years of experience in Engineering, Marketing, Crypto, Investing and Real Estate. We are business minded, real estate lovers who want to facilitate the next evolution of digital and reality leveraging the power of the Blockchain. With our collective minds we have developed the framework and roadmap for a sustainable model of growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

One Central Location For All Innovation

Metapages Business

Are you a business with an established premises in the metaverse?  Click here to register for FREE to ensure your business is found in the Metaverse!

Metapages Creators

Are you a creator (NFT Designer, Solidity Developer, Software Engineer etc) offering Web 3.0 services?  Click here to register for FREE to ensure your services are easily found!


As the metaverse continues to expand, Property Central will remain at the centre; bridging all worlds.  New to the metaverse?  Click here to view our Metaverse Aggregator page that unites all the metaverse worlds to a single location.

PROP Token Cryptocurrency

All Property Central products are powered by the PROP Token.  Click here to discover all the incredible utilities the PROP Token has to offer.

Real Estate

The roots of the Property Central business are founded in the real world.  Click here to discover how the Property Central team are innovating the real estate industry using Web 3.0 and blockchain technology.


Metaverse Real Estate Agent

To ensure you receive the highest possible sale price on your land, we can assign a Metaverse Real Estate Agent to undertake the sales process for you.

Metaverse Consulting

Our experienced team offer consulting services to launch your business into the metaverse.  Many large corporations have identified the importance of the metaverse and  have commenced establishing their headquarters within the metaverse.

Metaverse Property Management

Your land within the metaverse is valuable and could potentially be leased to another party.  We connect landowners with tenants and manage the entire process including lease agreements, rent collection etc.

Metaverse Property Development

Our experienced team of property developers have taken their passion from the real world into the metaverse.  Our team has access to Architects, Digital Artists, Software Engineers and Metaverse Owners to bring your projects to life.

NFT Minting and Design

Our highly skilled team can design and mint NFTs to be attached to real world items such as real estate property.  We offer NFT minting services on all major blockchains.

Real Estate Innovation

Property Central are pioneering the uncharted territory between real estate and the digital world.  Watch this space for revolutionary products and utilities that are currently under development!


Curious about what’s happening in our realm? Connect with us via
info@propertycentral.com or complete the form below.